Who Fights Fire Code Charges?

Swalm Paralegal Professional Corporation o/a DefendCharges.ca Is Who to Call For Helping Fighting Fire Code Charges.

A Helpful Guide on How to Defend Violations of the Fire Code and Fire Prevention and Protection Act

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A charge that alleges a failure to comply with the Fire Code, O. Reg. 213/07, among other regulations to, or sections of, the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997, S.O. 1997, Chapter 4, may bring significant penalties including very substantial fines as well as a possibiltity of up to one-year imprisonment.  Accordingly, Fire Code charges should be taken very seriously..

Example Types of Cases Handled

Among others, Swalm Paralegal Professional Corporation o/a DefendCharges.ca fights charges alleging:

    (a) to remove buildings or structures from the land or premises; (b) to make structural and other repairs or alterations, including material alterations, to the buildings or structures; (c) to remove combustible or explosive material or any thing that may constitute a fire hazard; (d) to install and use specified equipment or devices as may be necessary to contain hazardous material on the land or premises and, in the event of a fire, to remove or transport the material; (e) to discontinue the manufacturing, production or fabrication of any material, device or other thing that creates or poses an undue risk of fire or explosion; (f) to do anything respecting fire safety including anything relating to the containment of a possible fire, means of egress, fire alarms and detection, fire suppression and the preparation of a fire safety plan;

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